About Us

The COVID-19 Coordinating Committee (CCC) was established by a MANCO decision on the 31st of March 2020 to coordinate and facilitate the University response to the COVID-19 pandemic in support of state and other efforts at a local, provincial and national level.

The work of the CCC, in executing its mandate in line with the University’s values, is informed by the socio-economic landscape of the province and the metro. That is, it steers the University’s interventions to respond to the realities of inequality and unequal access to adequate healthcare and health protection.


Click the link below for access to the 2020 CCC report:


Steering Principles

  • Our commitment to be in service to society; based on the University’s values and strategic objectives.

  • Efforts are located within the mandate of the University; and carefully assessed against its capacity to deliver.

  • Integrative approach guided by structures within the Office of the Premier (OTP) that coordinate within an inter-governmental framework, cascading to the Metro; inclusive of relevant line function departments such as health, public entities such as the Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council (ECSECC), the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Disaster Management Advisory Forum, the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, etc.

Terms of Reference

  • to coordinate the University’s engagement, interventions and partnerships with external entities; structures and networks in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • to enable swift and effective University responsive capability to the COVID-19 pandemic, aligned to and informed by the University’s values and its commitment to be in service to society;
  • to offer the University’s expertise and capacity to the country-wide institutional arrangements set up to respond to the pandemic;
  • to prioritise direct and active support to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro-led COVID-19 response structures, and to stakeholder formations in the Metro, given the University’s primary footprint in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (NMB);
  • to provide support to provincial and national interventions, as practicable, and in George; and
  • to manage resources allocated as a specific budget allocation for the purposes of COVID-19 responsive capability.

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