Zwide Community Development Project
The Zwide Community Development Project is a community led community initiative driven by Zwide Community members in convergence with the HoC. The community, alongside the HoC are exploring developmental projects for alleviation of poverty in Zwide, Gqeberha. The various individually led organizations within the Zwide Community acknowledge that they have several developmental activities and infrastructure in the area. However, there is a need for support in terms of planning, conceptualisation and funding of these projects. Some of the challenges identified by the community include extreme poverty, abuse of drugs, gangsterism and unemployment.
The Zwide Community Development Project envisions the establishment of developmental projects for which funding is required in the
following areas:
- Skills Development Centre
- Community Kitchens and Home Gardening
- Educational Academy
- Arts and Culture Development Centre
- Sports academy
- Environmental programmes
Gender Based Violence Group
This forum brings together Mandela University stakeholders - HIV Unit and Transformation Office along with local NGOs and CBOs focused on various aspects of gender-based violence. The purpose of the forum is to foster collaboration between fellow member organisations, build a network for understanding each other’s work, and a supportive environment for organisational development.
Areas requiring support:
- GBV, HIV and Mental Health Awareness Campaigns
- Support for Health Professionals, Caretakers and Community Leaders
- Empowerment Programmes and Initiatives driven towards Children, Women Men and Queer Communities.
The Sewing Project
The Sewing Project endeavors to source and distribute masks, as well as to develop economic initiatives within local, marginalised communities in Gqeberha. In 2021, possibilities emerged to build small sewing enterprises or cooperatives along with stakeholder communities, through collaboration with Manyano Schools and the Association for People with Physical Disabilities (APD).
Manyano Schools has identified two people from within each of the schools’ communities who are interested in this programme, and the schools will work with their associated participants to develop possibilities for acting as the first ‘client’ for respective sewing enterprises.
APD have for 20 years run a sewing enterprise on their premises, have facilities to offer sewing training, and are committed to mentoring participants through the process of establishing their own small enterprises.
Funding towards this project would assist in providing logistical support (transportation, stationery, catering, printing, consultations for
the following):
- Committee Strategic Sessions
- Workshops: Solidarity Economy/ Co-operatives
- Workshops: Funding Proposal Development