The Grab and Go Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2020 by Mandela University alum, Lumka Cube. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as we all witnessed alarming reports of increasing hunger across the Eastern Cape, Cube and her peers jumped into action. What started out as a sandwich drive in Central Gqeberha on the weekends has grown into a non-profit organization working to close the gap of student hunger at spaces of Higher Education. 
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“Ikhala continues, albeit on a small scale, to support, encourage, train and provide material assistance to community-centric solutions at the grassroots level.” As the leading partner of one of our three signature projects – Community Kitchens – we celebrate the work of Ikhala Trust and invite you to read their Annual Report, highlighting the important strides they’ve made in the space of food systems and beyond.

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By The Herald - September 2023
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By The Herald - September 2023
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What has a Water Tank got to do with Food Sovereignty?

Our Continued Collaboration with Ikhala Trust

April 2023

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Exploring the Usefulness of Bulk Buying Groups among University Students

By Dr Natalie Mansvelt - November 2022

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Moeggesukkel – Tired of Suffering: Asset-Based Community Development in Action

By Sylvia Graham - September 2022

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