*iconography adapted with the permission of artist: Pola Maneli


The objectives of the portfolio are: 


  • Advancing the praxes of an engaged, transformative university; locally responsive, nationally active, regionally alive, and globally aware.
  • Aligning engagement and transformation with the vision and strategic priorities of the University; including oversight of the institutional transformation plan and the engagement strategy and philosophy.
  • Articulating engagement and transformation as an institutional orientation that supports the aspiration of excellence in research as well as learning and teaching.
  • Anchoring, conceptually and programmatically, the strategic goals of engagement and transformation within and beyond the University.
  • Embedding engagement and transformation across the University portfolios for socio-economic impact and in the interest of the public good.
  • Leading creative and innovative engagement and transformation projects; positioning Nelson Mandela University strategically within the national and global higher education sector.
  • Cultivating a culture of scholarship as an intellectual resource base that buttresses the engagement and transformation approaches and programmes of the University.