*iconography adapted with the permission of artist: Pola Maneli

Nelson Mandela University has repositioned itself as a transformative, responsive university; in service of society. To achieve this ambition, the university established a new portfolio rooted in the interplay between engagement and transformation, and their interlinkages with research, learning and teaching.

As such, the university is responding to a key dilemma facing the higher education sector, nationally and globally. That is, if not immersed in society, universities will find it near impossible to engage authentically and, thus, productively with the current socio-economic, environmental and political challenges of our time, our place.

The core purpose of this portfolio is to provide intellectual and strategic leadership and oversee engagement and transformation in support of the vision and strategic objectives of the University. The portfolio has a substantive coordination and facilitative function, interwoven with faculties, entities and other business units across the institution; and beyond.