This Research Repository is our attempt at developing a space where research done around food and food systems at Nelson Mandela University can be easily accessed and archived.  

Building this repository will be an ongoing effort, and so we invite you to email if you would like your work to be shared here, or, if you have any ideas around how we can co-create the repository in a way that can meaningfully benefit those working or interested in the space of food and food systems.  

Mansvelt, N., R. Schenck, and Z. Soji. 2022. “Students’ Conceptualizations of Student Hunger”. South African Journal of Higher Education 36 (5), 219-39.  

Do you have work to be shared here? Email 

Do you have work to be shared here? Email

Recipe Book. 2022. Compiled by fourth-year Dietetic students Kayla Bodenstein, Rittah Chiloane and Jesse Fourie.